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Author of the novels

april curran meets the vampire of crimson cove high school

april curran storms vampire camp

my next book will be
published with amazon and it is a memoir. the title of the
memoir is


Publication of the memoir is scheduled for the
middle of January 2020.

Other books are scheduled for publication with Amazon
in the spring of 2020. Visit the blog/latest news page
to read the latest news.

read all about me, if

you so desire, on

the faq pages.

the latest news
can be found on the
blog / latest news page

books are
great holiday
and birthday gifts!

(hint hint)

life's too short




relax and read a book

shameless self promotional
below are a few sample lines of
dialogue from my first vampire
novel titled april curran meets
the vampire of crimson
cove high school

"That's not a bald spot," Lucian said, "it's just an area of hair taking a vacation."

Mrs. Alupi: "Fingerprints on my spotless ceiling. That's why maids who are mere
mortals won't take day work in this town. It's not the teeth to the neck. It's stuff like fingerprints on the ceiling. Cleaning out the bed bugs in the coffins. Getting wrinkles out of the capes."

"You bit into that like a beast," Lucian said. "Like a growling beast."

"Goodnight Miss Thackroy," Aunt Edna said. "Go tend to your killer bee collection."

"Chupacabra gonna get ya," Fletch yelled.

April: "Facial wrinkles say mid fifties no matter how much pancake makeup
she slathers."

end of dialogue samples


Relaxed Yolk

fan mail is

cool, especially

in winter

respect for teachers

teachers on a daily basis

handle a difficult

occupation with respect

and dignity. truly.

teachers make america's

tomorrow better.






my motto?

read quite often.

dream really big!


Math Formulas
Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar
American Flags
Paper Plane

J'adore la cuisine Française.


Croissant Sandwich

Olá a todos os leitores em
Portugal e no Brasil.


Christ the Redeemer

Dia dhuit dóibh siúd atá ina gcónaí in Éirinn.

Clover Leaves

Shameless self promotional plug #2

Hey, I also write screenplays. Go to the

writing samples link above to find the

page with my screenplay sample.

Any producers out there searching

for a low budget screenplay with quirky

characters and off-the-wall dialogue? 

Film Reel

Great advice

want to read any of my books but your wallet is a little thin? want to read my memoir but your purse is a little light? i know the feeling, well, at least about
the wallet. i never carted around a purse.

so, here's a suggestion. write down my books' titles and call your local library and, if the book is on the
shelf, you can borrow the book. don't forget your
library card! if your local library doesn't have a copy, a librarian might be able to borrow a copy from another library using interlibrary loan.  

also, most libraries appreciate reader suggestions about which book to place on the shelf. so consider calling a local library branch and ask the librarian if they can place my books on the shelf.

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