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      January 2020

     Brice Patrick Gorman was born and raised in Florida. He's the son of William Patrick Gorman and Adrienne Barbara Gorman. He has two older sisters. He grew up in a household that valued education and creativity. His father was a natural storyteller, keeping all three children entertained with humorous stories made up on the spot.
Unfortunately, he passed away when the author was a small
child after a lengthy operation for a brain tumor from which
he never awoke after surgery. The family was devastated
emotionally and financially, for the father did not have any
medical insurance. It took many, many years to pay the bill.

     The author's mother had to raise three children on her own, a difficult task in itself, made more challenging by the fact she had polio when a child and was handicapped and needing to use crutches to walk. Later on, she was confined to a wheelchair.
Despite this, she worked until retirement age, employed as
a counselor helping the less fortunate obtain help and services.

     Through it all, the author's mom, Adrienne, stayed strong and resilient. She always stressed the importance of an education and reading to her children. She was a lover of mysteries, often reading three books a week. As a hobby, she wrote humorous poems, a few opera parodies and one of her poems was published in a magazine with a national audience circulation.

     When the author's high school education ended, Brice wished to "go Hollywood" and head west. His goal was to become an actor. Unfortunately, some headwinds presented. Aside from poverty making an expensive across the nation move difficult, his handicapped mother needed his assistance at home and one of his older sisters had medical issues that also needed his attention. He placed his goals of heading west on hold, and opted to remain in Florida and enroll in college as a business major. This way he could advance his career, get an education and assist his family members with errands and other needs. 

     While getting a college education, the author worked in a variety of professions. Telemarketing. He drove a large tractor trailer. He worked in a warehouse. He worked in sales and customer service. The warehouse and sales jobs, while honest and respectable work, did not allow him to display what he felt was his number one talent. His imagination. This created stress in his life, for he felt he could not use his creative talents for success. The low-wage, monotonous and, sometimes, just plain tedious work made him, for lack of a better term, grouchy and bitter. He relied on his sense of humor to carry him through each shift. 

     A turning point in his life occurred in line one day at a movie theater. Standing in line awaiting entrance to the movie, the author started to tell his friends in line a funny, true story about an elderly lady in a bakery who got into an argument with the baker because he didn't put brown sugar on the cheese Danish. A stranger standing nearby, who was employed at a small town newspaper as an editor, overheard the author's story, and she noticed that he seemed to go into great detail, describing the woman and baker and the entire event in a very descriptive way.
     "You sound like a budding writer," the female editor said to the author. "You seem to be a people watcher. You notice and observe things around you."
     "Doesn't everyone?" the author asked. 
     "No," the female editor responded. "People watchers often make good novelists."
     Weeks later, the author started writing some poems and short stories. He cheered up, for this allowed him a creative outlet and, perhaps, a career. Now he was doing what he loved to do. 
     So, in a way, I guess one could say that he discovered a career thanks to a cheese Danish.

     Of course, he kept his "day job" as they say. Writing's a competitive field and many authors can't quit their "day job" until their fourth or fifth book is published. The author learned early on that finding success in the competitive world of publishing can take a decade . . . or more. He knew he was looking at a very long slog, possibly uphill, perhaps with figurative quicksand in the path. Told you he kept his goofy sense of humor.

     The author wrote many short stories and humorous, short poems early on, submitting them to various small press and regional magazines. Many were accepted and published in the 1990's. Eventually, the author, seeing his mother aging and experiencing financial hardships, opted to stop writing poems and short stories and to instead focus on novels, where earnings could be better.

     The author published several humorous vampire novels, all the while working as a substitute schoolteacher. His students often said and did humorous things, and when he would tell his stories from subbing to friends and family, often people would remark how hilarious they were. Some suggested he write a book about his experiences. Finally, he decided to do this. In early 2020, the book was published. It's a memoir about his true life experiences working thirteen years in a large, public school system in the United States of America. 

     Sadly, his mother, who supported his efforts and dreams to be a successful writer, passed away at age 85, a few months before the memoir was submitted for publication. She had heard the stories verbally, but never read the finished book. All his writing life, the author dreamed of commercial success so he could give his mother some nice things in her old age, such as trips to see the opera, nice meals in a restaurant, a vacation to Austria and a road trip to see Yosemite National Park. Well aware his mother had a difficult life being a handicapped widow raising three children on her own, he was devastated at his inability to give his mom some luxuries in her old age. He did remain with her until the end, helping run errands and driving her to doctor appointments and cooking for her. 

     On a personal note, the author's hobbies and interests are varied and extensive. He loves
ghost stories, misty days, thunderstorms with lots of lightning and feasting on chocolate cake. French food's his favorite cuisine in the world, except for escargot, or snails. The author will not eat snails! He loves to read and write. He talks too much. To him, traveling is cool and educational. Places he dreams to see, but never has, include Sydney, Hong Kong, Germany, England, Thailand, Venice and the western reaches of the United States. Oh, and can't forget Hawaii. He enjoys swimming, riding a horse, doing his taxes (hey, that's a joke), watching football and riding his bicycle at dusk, when the worst of Florida's afternoon heat has subsided.

     He's presently single and has never been married. He doesn't have any children, and it's his biggest regret in life. When younger, he hoped to marry and have a family, but that's just not how things worked out.

     Below are the titles of the author's published books.   

     To learn lots more about the author's interests, hobbies and views, go to the F . A . Q . pages.
F . A. Q. stands for frequently asked questions. Want to see photos? Go to the photos page. For the latest news, visit the blog page.

     The author says thank you to those who, over the past few years, have
sent nice fan messages and polite questions. The author also apologizes
to those that sent questions or nice messages and did not receive a
response. Sometimes, due to a heavy work schedule or personal issues,
the author forgot to respond. For this, he offers his apologies and will
attempt to respond more quickly to fan messages in the future.



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