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Have a question for me? Did one of my books leave you spellbound or laughing for hours? Was my writing the worst piece of drivel you've ever laid eyes on?  Want to compliment? Want to criticize? Want to vent? Want to ask for a recipe on how to make a great fruit salad? Now you know my e-mail address. Write away!


Thanks for submitting!

Contact information for  Brice Patrick Gorman


Hoping to receive great mail, but I'm aware I might
get hate mail. One request to anyone who is planning
to send hate mail filled with angry, awful, insulting curse words, personal putdowns and vile comments
that make me sick to the very pit of my stomach.

My one request? Be nice and watch the language!

P.S. Have you tried yoga? It has a calming effect.

Or maybe the flying chicken below might calm one down?

Flying Chick
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